2D and 3D Animation Services in Anna Nagar, Chennai

2d & 3d Animation

Raga Designers have capable technical staff to design and bring your colorful images to live. We engage in designing 2d & 3d Animations with the support of right tools and technologies. In this advanced world, animation technology is in fields of

    ✓ Marketing

    ✓ Education

    ✓ Business and etc

Entertainment field uses the animation technology a lot in comparable to other sectors. There is difference in designing the 2D and 3D animation. Call us to execute your animation project.

What is the difference in animation 2d and 3d?

The most obvious difference between the two genres of animation is the appearance of depth. While 2D animation is a flat animation and all the actions happen in the x-y axes, 3D animation includes an extra dimension and that is the z axis.

The working method for creating 2d cartoon characters and 3d animated figures are entirely different. Onion skin tools are used in sketching the cartoon character from different slides. Creating a 3d model requires digital modeling and is more similar to sculpting a character than drawing one.

An animator working in 3d dimensional environment constantly has to be aware of how his/her changes to the model side view affect the front view or any other view for that matter.

Creating a perfect looking model is a difficult task since all the different views have to be taken into the consideration. Creating a 3d model is often based on a pre-made two dimensional sketches of the character from different views. After the model is created a material has to be assigned to it and the model has to be textured properly.

Although the process of creating for 3D animation is usually taking more time than 2D character creation, the process of creating the animation itself can be considered easier by many animators. In 2d animation, the animation is created by drawing almost every frame of the animated movie. In 3D, the animation is created by changing the poses and the placement of already created 3d models. The created scene can be viewed from different angles and by that it is easier and faster to create an illusion of change in the environment.

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