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POS Retail Billing Software Development in Chennai

Raga Designers,is the destination for all your retail merchandise management needs. It's a leap ahead pos retail billing software in Chennai Management software field. Raga Designers - Retail Billing Software incorporates all the needs of the Shop owner, Cashier/Sales Person as well as your customers!.

The user-friendliness and simple intellect approach will provide you the competitive edge in the growing Pos retail billing software market. Raga Designers posses many features like POS Billing, Retail billing software, Inventory Management, Purchase and Sales Tracking, Stock Management and acts as a POS Software / Retail billing Management Software.

Pos Retail billing software Management offers an innovative business experience for midsized and large agile retailers. With our latest technologies and complete hardware integration retail Bill provides a seamless shopping experience for your customer.

With ultimate control on inventory, supplier and point-of-sale ecBill makes retail management easy and ensures focused business.

Different Types of Retail Management Software

    ✓ Billing Software

    ✓ Supermarket Billing Software

    ✓ Hotel Billing Software

    ✓ Billing Machine Software

    ✓ Apparel Billing Software

    ✓ Textile Billing Software

    ✓ Departmental Billing Software

    ✓ Sweet Shop Billing Software

    ✓ Provision Store Billing Software

    ✓ Office Automation Solutions Software

    ✓ Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables Billing Software


    ✓ Discount at item & bill level

    ✓ Tax (VAT) at item & bill level

    ✓ Reorder level for each item

    ✓ Customer credit tracking

    ✓ Minimal data entry by capturing data from source documents

    ✓ Customer profile with favorites, last purchase date

    ✓ “Up selling” of Offers / Discount / Schemes during billing

    ✓ Standard reports

    ✓ Easy data backup & recovery

    ✓ Role based access control & password for security

    ✓ Messages on POS invoice

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