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Domain Server

As you can see we have a lot of great content for you here on our website. If you want to quickly find what you are looking for you can do a search, or you can look at the pages over on the left hand side of the screen.

At WebsiteHosting1.com we know you have a choice, and our competition keeps growing every day. However, we have been around for a while now, over ten years, and we don’t intend on going anywhere. Read some of our testimonials, and you may find out why our customers keep coming back every year to renew their hosting. We have compassionate customer care. At WH1 you are like our family. A family of clients if you will. Your business is our concern as well. Below are just a minor portion of what you will receive when you order your hosting from us.

The cPanel uses Linux/Unix. The database is PHP MySQL system, which works out very well for those of you that are programmers, and it is less expensive than the Windows .NET IIS hosting. In a recent poll we conducted with new customers, 100% said that was the main reason they went with the system.

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